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Your Informative Guide with Removal of Concrete

Certain conditions affect the ability of the concrete project to be patched up by any resurfacing chemical. If these conditions are not met, there is a big chance that the said project will not be resolved. Concrete removal might then have to be performed just to minimize the time, effort and money that will be spent.

When do you do concrete removal?

There are many situations wherein too much damage has been done to your concrete. Resurfacing may fix these situations, but the following situations make the removal and replacement of concrete a more viable and economical intervention to do.

1) Deep and widened cracks – These very extensive cracks will never be returned in their original and pristine state even if resurfacing is being done. With erosion, contact with extreme weather conditions, and other factors, cracks are developed all the time.

2) Sinking slabs – This typically occurs when the sub grade is not prepared well. Loose dirt may have been used or the sub grade was compacted. Either way, water from the storm can creep under the surface of the concrete, making it hollow and unstable. In due course, the slab will then sink, and may sink more when used with heavy weight and loads.

3) Heavy frost – Normally occurs at places with cold climates. Concrete is pushed upward with the moisture solidifying in the ground.

4) Spitting and spalling – Spitting and spalling of the concrete may be fixed with resurfacing, but is not durable to last for a long time. Only the complete removal of the concrete and replacing it with a new one can fix the spitting problem.

What do you need to consider when removing concrete?

When you have assessed and accepted the fact that your patio or driveway with concrete is not longer salvageable, you need to consider removing the concrete, along with the following factors:

1) Check your local laws and regulations – Before you perform the concrete demolition, it is prudent to check the local laws in your area. This prevents you from receiving lawsuits from nosy neighbors. Check also for regional acts stating the place where all our demolished concrete can be disposed.

2) Ask the professional help of a local contractor – Manual laborers are not for the task for breaking, removing and even lifting concrete debris. A local contractor with his necessary equipment will be able to do those tasks. They also have the knowledge of how best to tackle the concrete removal, so leave the job to them.

3) Determine the costs – Demolishing, removal, and replacement costs always depend per contractor and area to be demolished. Ask for the rates before you have an agreement with your contractor.


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