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Removing Concretes to Create Gardens

Options for Concrete Removal

Below are the foremost concrete removal methods for home proprietors, from easiest to most difficult. You can talk to your local dumps or any trash removal company for you to learn more about the options on removing gravel pavement and concrete rubbles.


1. Avail the services of a concrete removal company

Concrete professionals can smash, saw and eliminate slabs in just a blink of an eye. They can even excavate gravel pavement down the soil.

2. Rent a chipping gun or electric demolition hammer

Mini jackhammers are fairly lightweight and user-friendly. They are available at any home centers or rental outlets. Start working from the edge of the slab going to the center and break off manageable hunks with the use of the hammer. Utilize heavy duty wire cutters or bolt cutters to cut the supporting mesh; use a reciprocating saw or handheld grinder to cut through the rebar.

3. Utilize a sledgehammer

If you are passionate in cheering for John Henry to beat the hammer that is steam-powered, this might be the best method for you. Follow the tips mentioned earlier for the chipping gun. And be sure not to exert so much effort and force that you will transpire like John Henry at the finale of the story.

Perhaps, you have heard about the method of drilling concrete holes and filling them with mounting mortar to break down the slab. On the other hand, this method is highly recommended for huge commercial jobs where demolishing and other techniques are not desirable. Drilling at least one inch diameter hole in the slab is like utilizing a chipping gun, adding additional step and more disbursements.

If Cutting the Concretes is a Necessity

If you take delight on keeping some slabs intact (or maybe to safeguard the surrounding structures or generate an island planting bed), you can try renting a walk-behind concrete wet saw that has a diamond blade like the professionals utilize in cutting through the slabs. Be sure to cut before you start demolishing the entire slabs and follow the manual of procedures provided by the rental company and manufacturer carefully. As stated earlier, you can just hire a professional to get this job done.

Preparing the Planting Bed

Almost all plants necessitate at least six to twelve inches of healthy soil for development, and another one to two inches of mulch if possible. Dig the planting bed to the required deepness and fill it with the commended blend of soils for your planting goals. The most remarkable source for specific proposals is the local extension service or professional landscaper and gardener if you know one.


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