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Four Basic Ways in Waterproofing Your Leaking Basement

 Basements are useful rooms. You may use it as a storage room, or convert it into a livable room. That is why when there is a leaking problem down there, you not only destroy usable and valuable things, but also the room as well. It is therefore crucial to minimize and prevent such damages by waterproofing your basement. Here are just some helpful ways in keeping your home’s foundation dry.

Assess your Home’s Perimeter

Assessment should be done first. Assess the ground where your foundation is buried. This ground must be slanting away from your house’s foundation. If it slants all the way to the base, dirt and ground particles will settle and sink into it. If this is happening, you need to add more of these particles against the very house foundation to create a sloping effect that diverts water into the right direction.

Also Check the Downspouts and Troughs

Preventive waterproofing is effective if the troughs are clear and the downspouts you are using are effective in redirecting water away from the house. At least a measurement of 7 feet is perfect for your downspouts to redirect. You may also install extender pipes so as the prevent water from the ground to seep and leak to the foundation of your home.

Waterproofing the Basement’s Interior Walls

If your problem is only minor leaks at your basement’s walls, you can consider resealing these leaks with waterproofing materials. Check your local improvement shop for a variety of these materials. Go for the safe synthetic rubbers. They will be able to keep the basement dry for a longer while.

Getting Deeply Serious

Minor leaks can easily be resolved, but having a problem like floods calls for a more extensive intervention. You may consider buying and installing an interior system for drainage. With this, you can either use a perimeter drain, or a sump pump.

Perimeter drains are expensive, but with their cost you are guaranteed the perfect solution for even the most leaking parts of your basement. They involve breaking the basement floor while installing drain tiles. These tiles will then carry unwanted water to the discharge point.

The discharge point of a perimeter drain will always be a sump pump. A sump pump is installed in a certain basement hole, which then collects and removes water from the basement to a drainage area outside of your home.



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